Creativity, Inspiration, Fun, Fashion.

This is J.B4

Just Before… not an ordinary style.

J.B4_Just Before is a contemporary fashion and lifestyle brand born in 2015 and based in Bologna, Italy. Founded by a group of young fellas who wanted to create not only a brand but a mix of creativity and innovation, active and predominant in contemporary streetwear.

Passion and creativity are the engines of the brand, that doesn’t want to be taken for granted, who loves to amaze and enjoy developing new ideas.

This is how our first product “The J.B4 Speaking Beanie” was actually born: the first and only cap that can be customized as you wish, to give voice to your thoughts.

Always aiming to find the perfect balance between style and functionality, the J.B4 collections have evolved into tailored and sophisticated expressions, while keeping their playful graphic profile.